"Our ROI was unbelievable. Our supplement sales through the practice were up 20% in the first month we advertised with MedMedia"
--Diane Keurajian, California Physician Supplements


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Digital Out-of-Home media is the fastest growing media segment and MedMedia Healthcare Network is positioned in the most desired out-of-home space for place-based media.  Technology and on-the-go lifestyles have changed how people consume media.  Thus, marketers are embracing the many opportunities and benefits associated with out-of-home media and in particular, the MedMedia networks.


The Right Platform, In the Right Place, At the Right Time

  •    Reach and Connect with Desired "On-the-Go" Consumers  

  •   The Medical Office Setting Delivers Captive and Engaged Viewers

  •    Program Information is Current, Contextual and Relevant 

  •    Video and Display Formats Provide Advertising Options  

  •    Ideal Platform for Delivering "Point-of-Care" Patient Information 




The Most Cost-Effective Way to Reach and Engage Today's "On-The-Go" Consumers


MedMedia offers a variety of media solutions for all types of marketing objectives. 

MedMedia’s and Telavida's Content Offerings include:

  •    Standard commercial ad units,

  •    Longer-form integrated program segments, 
  •    Sponsored Content Segments,

  •    Large web-type skyscraper display ads, 

  •    Branded logo displays in skyscraper area.