"MedMedia has enabled us to inform and educate our patients about our practice and services, and their sleek plasma screens give our office a high-tech look."         --Rudy Grimaldo,   Santa Monica Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group

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Medical Offices

MedMedia offers its medical office partners an option to insert office or clinic-specific information in the form of video or displayed content on the MedMedia TV screens.  Content may serve to profile medical staff, clinical services, or provide timely office information.  MedMedia is a turn-key service for their office partners yet can be customized to suit individual office needs.


Keeping Patients Informed, Engaged and Connected TM







  •   News and Program Segments provided by NBC Digital Health Network, HealthDay TV and NBC4 Los Angeles 


  •   Patient Information Provided by Healthcare Companies


  •   Current Headlines: News Updates, Weather, Health, Entertainment, & Sports


  •   Full-Motion Video with Audio and Banner Display Advertising





Benefits for Medical Offices:



  •   Platform for a variety of patient-education and patient-information messages.  

  •   Provides a more engaging, informative and relevant wait-time experience for patients.  

  •   Enables leading healthcare companies, medical suppliers and service providers an outlet to educate and inform patients with point-of-care messaging.



The MedMedia staff coordinates and manages all technical aspects of the network from installation of the video panels and hardware to on-going operations and maintenance. MedMedia’s team also provides content management support for the two networks.