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 10NET is a managed service provider specializing in digital signage solutions.  They offer a full spectrum of services from consulting to delivering turnkey digital signage networks to their clients.

Scala is the pioneer in digital signage software for dynamic digital displays.  Global companies use Scala's electronic signage for retail narrowcasting across diverse industries. Digital signage software from Scala provides dynamic digital signs, retail and cable TV, kiosks, and digital menu boards.



HealthDay is a leading producer of the latest health content for thousands of  media companies, hospitals, managed care organizations, publishers, non-profit organizations and government agencies.


KNBC has been serving the Southern California community for over 60 years and is available in 5.7 million homes, NBC4 has earned nearly every industry award presented to local news organizations and produces more than 30 hours a week of local news and information both on television and on-line at

Delphi Display Systems provides customized digital signage hardware and software that enable B2B customers to engage with, interact with, influence, attract and retain their end customers.  Delphi’s solutions are installed in more than 30,000 locations in 50 countries around the world.


T60 Productions is a full-service production boutique.  They are communication experts, so they guide clients through the whole process by making sure their videos convey the message they want to get out.

Studio1080 creates content for digital signage, television, internet, and presentation purposes. Services include concept and script creation, talent casting, green screen production, video editing, graphic design, motion graphics, music licensing and audio sweetening.

ATLX is a new 24/7 television network launching in 2015 and a digital media network focused on everyday athletes, athletic lifestyle and athletic culture. ATLX is redefining what it means to be an athlete and telling the compelling and entertaining stories of transformation in our world of physical culture.

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